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Fútbol is the world’s sport! Every four years people from all over the world come together to witness the world’s biggest soccer tournament on TV. This shared passion for the beautiful game is what makes soccer what it is; beautiful! Qatar 2022 will be the biggest event of the year around the world, therefore DataVision has got a little something to give each of its 64 matches additional appeal for you and your friends: The Qatar 2022 Bracket Challenge! It’s free, fun, and quick to enter.


How Does It Work?

For the Qatar 2022 games, there are 32 teams placed into eight different groups made up of 4 teams in each group. The first set of matches will be played in the Group Stage (all teams within their own group will play each other once) on November 20th– December 2nd. The top 2 teams from each group will then advance to the next round, the Round of 16, taking place December 3rd – 6th. From here on out it is a single-game elimination. From the Round of 16, eight winning teams will advance and compete in the Quarterfinals on December 9th – 10th. Then the 4 winning teams from the Quarterfinals will advance to the Semifinals taking place on December 13th – 14th. The two losing teams of the Semifinals will play in a 3rd Place Match on December 17th, while the winners of the Semifinals will face off in the Final for the trophy of Qatar 2022 on December 18th.

Printable Bracket

Qatar 2022 Printable Bracket
WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. For each of the eight groups, pick the ranking order in which you think the four teams will finish (i.e. England to finish 1st, United States 2nd, Wales 3rd and Iran 4th in Group B) and place your ranking predictions inside the circles next to each team on the bracket handout. Then place the top 2 teams from each group in the corresponding spot on the bracket (look for the letter-number combo on the Round of 16 slots). For example, continuing with the Group B example, you would place England in the slot that says “1B” and United States in the slot that says “2B” and so on for each group. From here, you will pick which teams will win the knockout-phase games.
For example, if you predict England to come 1st and United States to come 2nd in Group B, and Netherlands to come 1st and Qatar to come 2nd in Group A, you’ll then have to predict hypothetical Netherlands vs. United States and England vs. Qatar in the Round of 16, and so on. It’s that easy! No need to predict scores, just select who you think will win each matchup. You’ll score points for your predictions (scoring system explained further down below) and you will be competing for great prizes.
All brackets need to be submitted to DataVision by November 14th at 11:59 pm. Electronic submissions via email and physical submissions to the DataVision office are both valid. Submit bracket to or print and drop it off at the office located at 489 3rd St. Gervais, OR 97026.
The Qatar 2022 games start on November 20th. Prizes will be announced Thursday, December 22nd. Please see our Terms and Agreements section for more info on the challenge. After challenge 




For Current Customers

Best Bracket Prize: Win an Adidas gift card for $200! Go get your favorite team’s jersey or some new kicks!
Bracket Runner-up: Free speed upgrade for 1 month!

For Non-Customers

Best Bracket Prize: A Netflix gift card + one-month free internet service if you sign up!
Bracket Runner-up: 1 Travel & Tech Organizer + 1 DataVision Blanket


All participating Contestants will be entered into our Raffle for a 50″ Flat Screen TV! Raffle drawing to be held on Friday December 23rd.


*Point System:

Group Stage (Nov 20th-Dec 2nd): 48 games – 1 point for each correct ranking order for each group
Round of 16 (Dec 3rd-6th): 8 games – 3 points for each correct winning team
Quarterfinals (Dec 9th-10th): 4 games – 8 points for each correct winning team
Semifinals (Dec 13th-14th): 2 games – 15 points for each correct winning team
Final (Dec 18th): 1 game – 30 points for the correct winning team

*Each playoff round will be scored, minus the Third Place match. You will earn points for choosing the correct winning teams in each round. Even if a team you chose to win a round does not play the team you predicted them to play against, you will still get points if they win that round no matter the team they play. The bracket with the most points will be the winner. Please see Terms and Conditions page of this challenge for more information including tiebreakers.

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**Attention Customers**

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