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  • Speeds up to 1,000 Mbps to Work, Play, Stream or Shop
  • Unlimited Data included free on EVERY speed tier
  • Internet you can rely on from a team of your neighbors
  • Consistent, honest pricing without extra fees

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60Mb x 30Mb
100Mb x 50Mb
250Mb x 75Mb
1,000Mb x 100Mb

60Mb x 30Mb

This speed is:

  • Ready for multiple devices
  • Good for surfing
  • Good for streaming
  • Good for uploading large files
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100Mb x 50Mb

This speed is:

  • Great for fast downloads
  • Great for HD online gaming, no lag
  • Great for video chatting
  • Great for streaming 4K video & TV
  • Great for working from home
  • Great for online learning
  • Great for 5+ devices
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250Mb x 75Mb

This speed is:

  • Excellent for multiple devices
  • Excellent for fast downloads
  • Excellent for HD online gaming, no lag
  • Excellent for video chatting
  • Excellent for streaming 4K video & TV
  • Excellent for working from home
  • Excellent for online learning
  • Great for up to 9 heavy bandwidth users!
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1,000Mb x 100Mb

This speed is:

  • Incredibly-fast for downloads and uploads on every active device in your home
  • Ideal for 4K multi-player gaming
  • Ideal for video chatting
  • Ideal for streaming 8K video & TV
  • Ideal for working from home on multiple devices
  • Ideal for online learning
  • Best for 12+ devices
1 Gbps is 100-times faster than the average US internet connection!
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