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Dial Tone

Price depends on calling area. Call for more details

DataVision Cooperative one time charges:
Account Setup fee $30.00
First month service payment + account setup fee required

Additional charges include taxes, surcharges, and other fees. You may block long distance dialing on your account so it cannot be dialed in order to avoid charges. Ask us about our long distance packages.

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Whether you like to talk a little or talk a lot, we have plans to fit your budget.

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  • No Dropped Calls
  • No Phone Line Limitations


Lifeline service is a government program designed to make monthly residential telecommunication services more affordable to eligible low-income customers.

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**Attention Customers**

It has come to our attention that there is a scam call going around to our customers pretending to be DataVision. The callers are telling you that DataVision is changing the way we are operating and therefore you must separate your billing into 2 bills; one for local and one for long distance. THIS IS NOT TRUE. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFO. If ever in doubt about a call please ask to hang up and call the number on our website. This is the only number we will call from.