2023 Annual Meeting Recap

What Happened at the Annual Meeting?

On April 11, DataVision customers, staff and Board of Directors gathered to review the key successes of 2022 and the roadmap for 2023. We always enjoy hearing what customers have to say at these gatherings. If you were unable to join us, here is a recap of the speech given by Todd Berning, Assistant General Manager:

Fiber optic internet connections are the future. They provide the purest, fastest experience for the end user and can accommodate the most amount of data. At last report, just 43% of the United States have access to a fiber optic connection. DataVision intends to have 100% of Gervais service area connected to fiber by the end of 2025.

In 2022 we connected the North part of Manning Road, Marthaler Road, Blevins Lane, parts of French Prairie Road and Highway 219. This grouping allowed 89 existing customers to converted to a fiber connection as well as explore adding many individual services that were previously constricted with the former speeds and infrastructure.

Efforts continue to be focused on converting existing homes and businesses as well as new constructions to a fiber connection as possible. This includes partnering with new developments like Ivy Woods and working with property management for the pending Winfield Street apartment complex. Encompassing expansions like these as well as continuing with our fiber construction plans has increased the overall number of DataVision subscribers to help the company end the year in a positive financial position to enter 2023.

We are in year 4 of our 5-year plan to finish building out the Gervais exchange with fiber optic connections. Expansion plans for 2023 will encompass a second section of Manning Road, Highway 99 South, Miller Road, and Checkerboard Road. In 2024, the plan is to install fiber to Duck Inn Road Northeast, Butteville Road Northeast, and Keene Road Northeast.

In October of 2022, DataVision was awarded a $150,000 cost-sharing grant from Marion County to provide approximately 24 farms and residences as well as the Holy Trinity School with a fiber connection. This area will encompass Howell Prairie Road at the intersection of Waconda Road to the North and Rambler Drive to the south. The project will also travel down Rambler Drive and Saratoga Drive. It is anticipated to finish by the end of 2023.

Overall, 2022 was a productive year for customers and staff alike. We look forward to continuing to provide you with dedicated connections and exemplary customer service for years to come.