5 Essentials for Your Home Office

Home Office

What makes a home office workable?

In an ideal world, you have a designated space in your home in which to work. While it might be necessary for some to operate from their bedrooms or the kitchen table, we don’t advise this solution unless you have no other options. It’s better for your mental health to have at least a little separation between your home and work life.

Here are some basics:

  1. Desk
    As a general rule, the surface of your desk should stand between 28 to 30 inches above the floor and provide enough room for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Having a comfortable, but supportive chair is good, too.
  2. Lighting
    Good lighting is important—it helps you look professional in online meetings, and it can help prevent eye strain and fatigue during a long workday. We always recommend facing your desk toward a window as a great source for natural light.
  3. Best Wi-Fi Router
    Having the best Wi-Fi router available makes good business sense because it’s essential to keep you connected—wherever you’re working from in your home. At <<placeholder for company name>>, we’re always here to help you select the best router available to help you get your job done.
  4. A Good Bluetooth or USB Headset
    If lawnmowers, outside construction workers, and barking dogs crowd your soundscape, a headset that features a noise cancelling microphone to filter out the background noise is something your co-workers will thank you for.
  5. Surge Protector
    A good power strip with a built-in surge protector is a great (and inexpensive) way to protect your equipment and your work.

With these essentials, along with a good PC or laptop, you should be in great shape to get the job done from the comfort of your home

DataVision is here to help! At DataVision, we value our role as your trusted advisor when it comes to making the most of our internet services, whether you’re using them in your home office or simply kicking back to enjoy an evening’s entertainment.