Broadband’s Impact on Agriculture


How important is the expansion of broadband to the health of the agriculture industry?

The short answer is: very.

According to data from the US Department of Agriculture and the American Farm Bureau Federation, domestic farms could contribute up to $23 billion to the U.S. economy each year with the help of precision agriculture technology—but to make that happen, more broadband is needed.

Rural broadband is essential to modern agriculture

To the casual observer, unfamiliar with the modern farming industry, pastoral images of farming can make it appear to be a low-tech, hands-on, and practical business that primarily involves planting, harvesting, and selling. But as technology continues to advance, precision agriculture tools that rely on the internet and massive amounts of data are used by farmers every day.

Tools, such as yield mapping, guidance systems, and soil mapping, which provide farmers with data on how much water and fertilizer their crops require, need the internet to provide accurate data. And broadband is essential when it comes to updating the software in farm equipment and speeding efficiency for the farm as a whole.

Each new piece of precision agriculture technology affords the farming industry new opportunity to grow and prosper, but the current lack of internet access in rural America is holding it back.

When technological innovation in agriculture is encouraged and made possible through greater connectivity,  the efficiency of the American farmer is vastly improved,  providing valuable growth to the economy, increasing environmental sustainability, and enhancing the stature of our rural communities.

That’s why we’re hard at work every day, helping to bring the best broadband service available to our vital rural communities.

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